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A family intervention facilitated by Interventions by Design is the single most powerful, loving and caring thing a family and loved ones can do for a person struggling with any significant problem. Typically this is an addiction, whether it’s alcohol or drugs, or a process addiction such as gambling or sex. Eating disorders may fall in either category. Intervention can also help with several other problems such as psychiatric disorders, school/work issues, hoarding, and geriatric issues.

There are several ways to define addiction. Interventions by Design believes if a behavior is repeated over and over in the face of negative consequences it is an addiction. If a person’s behavior continually negatively impacts family members / friends / work, etc. and is brought to the person’s attention and is met with denial, blaming of others, or endless and empty promises to change, it is an addiction.

Interventions by Design will work with the family and friends of the addict to present a caring and concerned show of unity to offer the addict help. This is a time- tested method of helping an addict to see the true and full impact his/her actions are having on him or her and all the people that love and care about the addict.





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"We appreciated Interventions by Design's availability before, during and after the intervention. We felt supported every step of the way. They go above and beyond"